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JiEducation is the Key to Freedom
Above: Sunset view from top of 30 ft. termite mound on Myrt 1 School campus in Congo.

Able & Willing International Educational Foundation (AWIEF) is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing schools and improving health and nutrition in areas of extreme poverty and need.  

The entirely volunteer staff coordinates physical construction of buildings and manages program development to ensure that schools and programs can ultimately govern and sustain themselves.

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Newsetter Fall/winter 2015
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Myrt School Projects
covering July, 2014 through Feb., 2015

 Ecycle & Doc Shredding
 Held May 9, 2015    9 a.m. - noon
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  Notable Accomplishments

  • Since its establishment in 1994, AWIEF has concentrated its efforts in rural villages of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.
  • We have built one of the best schools in the Katanga region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • The school provides preschool through technical education in a village that had no electricity, toilets, or sanitary water supply previous to our arrival.
  • With tuition at $7.00 per month, a basic education is within reach for a typical local family.
  • We provide free tuition for orphans and a Work-for-Education program for parents who cannot afford their children’s tuition.
  • Fully equipped school workshops to train students and make furniture for schools and goods for local markets.
  • Brought hydroelectricity substation to school and village
  • Computer lab teaches IT skills.
  • We have shipped over 300 computers to schools in Congo, Cameroon, Nicaragua, Liberia, and Kenya. 
  • We are continuing to build schools in other villages in Congo that are self supporting and self governing.