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Board Members

Please welcome two board members, Amsala Kassa and Athanasius Awasom.

Mbuyu “Puma” Wa Mbuyu, President & Co-founder, is a master electrician in Washington, D.C.  Every year since 1994 Puma has organized the AWIEF projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the summer while pursuing his job in the United States during the rest of the year. He is a recipient of the Ron Hering Mission of Service award from the Mankind Project for taking action to live his mission in the world. Mbuyu "Puma" Wa Mbuyu 
James Carpenter, Treasurer and Chief Geek.  Jim’s professional background is in math, statistics and information technology.  He has been active in his community for 30 years in energy and environment issues.  He has traveled to the Congo four times with Puma since 2002 to build computer labs and teach. Jim

Karen Anderson, recently moved to the Eastern Panhandle area of West Virginia from the southwest corner of Ohio. In Ohio, she spent almost 20 years working in a busy public library, while raising three kids, coaching soccer teams, leading girl scouts and finally earning a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling. Since moving to this area, she has started a new career as a correctional counselor. Karen is passionate about teaching, learning and sharing her excitement about life.

Karen Anderson
Athanasius Awasom grew up in Cameroon where he studied accounting at St. Paul's College in Bonjongo, Cameroon.  He earned degrees BBA (Hon), MBA and M.Sci in Accounting & Auditing in the U.S. Between degrees he held several accounting posts in Cameroon and U.S.  He and his brothers support and run a bilingual school from preschool through primary grades that serves poor families and orphans in Mankon, Bamenda, Cameroon. Athanasius Awason 
Amsale Kassa is from Ethiopia and currently lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.  She has a degree in Cybersecurity and International Business Management. She has worked in the
IT area, but prefers working with non-profit organizations
like Able & Willing.
Amsale Kassa 
Maggie Nato Lusweti is from Kenya and is currently a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, working near Baltimore.  She has a master’s degree in International Trade and speaks Swahili and Spanish.  She is the  mother of two boys. Maggie has organized Able & Willing’s efforts to help schools in Kenya and she is currently working on a project to establish a school for children with developmental disabilities in Bungoma County in Western Kenya.