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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are IRS Form 990's available for Able & Willing?

A:  990's for non-profits are available from GuideStar

      Our 2010 IRS 990 Form is also available here:

     Parts 1 - 4 and Schedule A

     Schedule B 

Q: How can I help?

A: See our How to Help page

Q: Are donations to Able & Willing tax deductible.

A: Absolutely.  IRS classified us in 2001 as 501(c)(3).

Q: Does Mbuyu ("Puma") really do all of the cooking for the benefit dinners?

A: Yes, the recipes are his and he directs the volunteers who help in the kitchen.  He wrote a cookbook that you can purchase for $12. AWIEF receives half of the profits.  Contact Jim Carpenter at

Q: How did Mbuyu get to be called Puma?

A: Puma is Mbuyu's Boy Scout name that he got while growing up in the Congo.  Mbuyu organizes Scouting activities for boys and girls in the Katanga region each year.  He introduced new games and academic challenges to their weekend contests and created an internship program for Scouts attending Myrt Schools.