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Able & Willing is a non-profit, IRS 501(c)(3), non-denominational, all volunteer run organization with headquarters in Frederick, Maryland


To create a world of educated, empowered and enlightened people.


Our Mission is to promote education and development in the following ways:


Our Approach

More than simply constructing the buildings, AWIEF helps to establish the programs that enable schools to support to themselves.  In doing so, the organization seeks to model a healthy process of development that promotes self-reliance and helps to break the cycle of dependency on foreign aid.

Part of that process in Congo has involved recruitment of local children and parents to help carry bricks, transport water, and mix cement in the physical construction of buildings.  A sense of pride that develops when people witness a school come together out of cooperation more than capital.  Villagers also get to experience and observe the development of a Parents' Committee, the democratically-elected School Board, and the creation of income-generating activities that are both culturally appropriate and environmentally responsible.