Donate Able and Willing

A Taste of Africa
Dinner & Exhibition 

Sunday, March 16, 2014       3:00 to 5:00 pm

Way Station      230 W. Patrick       Frederick, MD

African dinner buffet

African project displays of local non-profits

 African music, art, books & gifts

Buffet features family favorites prepared by great African hosts

Dinner presentation features updates of Able & Willing's African projects
from Puma, Colette Ram, Richard Emeni, Maggie Lusweti, Jim Carpenter

Flyers (pdf, 8.5" x 11") :    Colorful    Less Ink

Exhibits - (partial list. Open for suggestions - call Jim Carpenter 301-514-1356)

Postcard invitations double sided, with map, 4 per page
        -print, cut and give to your friends!

Meet the Hosts- our friends who will cook their favorite recipes. 

Questions?  Suggestions...
    Call or text Jim Carpenter at 301-514-1356