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Meet The Hosts                      

This is a partial list of the cooks who are preparing dishes for the buffet dinner.

Mbuyu WaMbuyu, also known as Puma, was born in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Mbuyu is the founder and president of Able & Willing.  He has been the principle chef since 1998, using recipes he learned from his grandmother in Congo.  His cookbook (available on in paperback and electronic versions) will be on the book table of the exhibition.

Richard and Patience Emeni were born and raised in Cameroon and now live in Hagerstown, Md with five children.  Richard is Vice President of Able & Willing.  Richard earned a degree in Economics and Statistics in Africa and an MBA from American University and has professional experience in radio, TV, Internet and print media. Patience earned a degree in African Political Systems before coming to Maryland where she studied International Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University.  She has worked in international development, human rights and education for the International Foundation For Electoral Systems, Amnesty International and Holton-Arms School.  Together they founded  They are planning Able & Willing's Project Moringa in Cameroon.

Colette Madishi Ramm was born in Zaire, now the DRC.  She now lives in Bethesda, Md., having moved in 2012 from the United Kingdom with her husband, Greg, and five children.  Colette and Greg co-founded REVE Kandale, a non-profit organization that supports educational and agricultural projects in the Bandundu Province of the DRC. Colette grew up in Congo, earned a Masters in International Development and has served as head of the Peace & Reconciliation Commission in DRC and other U.N. positions in Kosovo, Kenya, and Senegal and now works for Save The Children. Colette and Greg joined the Able & Willing board this year.  She and her husband, Greg, joined our Board of Directors this year.

Amsale Kassa was born and raised in Ethiopia.  She now lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.  She has worked in the litigation/ IT field for several years and has been involved in several non-profit organizations for the last 20 years. 

Maggie Nato Lusweti was born in Kenya and now lives in Frederick with her husband and two children.  She grew up in Kenya, earned a Masters degree in International Trade and now works as a Microsoft Systems Engineer.  She is a member of Board of Directors of Able & Willing and is developing a project to help children with developmental disabilities in Kenya.

Yvette Matamba was born and raised in Togo and now lives in Hagerstown

Iman Badada is visiting from Ethiopia.

Shannon Murphy lives in Boonsboro, Maryland.  She has a Masters degree in physical therapy and owns BodySense Physical Therapy in Boonsboro.  She is a member of the Able & Willing Board of Directors and has helped cook at many Able & Willing dinners.

Charles Schultz lives in Mount Airy, Maryland.  He is a master electrician working in Washington, DC.  He has a degree in English with experience in publications.  Charles is a member of the Able & Willing Board of Directors and has helped cook at many Able & Willing dinners.