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Success School in Mankon, Cameroon


Note: This project is now independent and self-supporting!


The official name of the school is Success Bilingual Nursery and Primary School.  The school was started in 2010 by Athanasius Awasom, our new board member, and his brother, Peter Awasom, with his wife, Lucy.  The school has consistently outperformed all other schools in the district with 100% of its students passing the national government exams.

Location: Mankon village, Bamenda District, North West Region, Cameroon
Google Maps:  Bamenda, Cameroon


The school was authorized in April 2011 by the Minister of Basic Education in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Peter and Lucy Awasom, Founders

The inspiration came from Peter Awasom who has always had a strong desire to be an inspirational teacher .  He started teaching immediately after graduating from CCAST Bambili High School in 1981 then went to the University of Cameroon in Yaoundé, earning a Masters Degree in English, and then returning to teach school.  In 2000, he studied in Denmark and was inspired by the Danish Folk School System.  He later became assistant principal at a government high school in Ndop, Cameroon.  He retired in 2010 to create the Success School. 

Lucy Awasom, Peter's wife, is an experienced primary school teacher.  She also trains teachers.

Athanasius Awasom, Business Manager

The school soon encountered financial challenges.  The initial plan was to pay the expenses from student tuition fees but since most of the students were from poor families, income lagged expectations. Peter elicited the help of his brother, Athanasius, who had earned several degrees in finance, accounting, and auditing in the U.S. and had been the Director of Administration and Finance in Northwest Development Authority, Cameroon.  In 2010, Athanasius was living in Germantown, Maryland, where he established a business as a freelance accountant.  Athanasius had just completed his latest degree in business accounting and auditing from the University of Maryland, College Park.  Athanasius helped out with money to pay the staff, the school's rented facilities, and construction of new school buildings.


Instruction began with a summer program in July, 2010.   In August, 2010, the school started with 100 students enrolled in Nursery One through Class Six.  The quality and enthusiasm of the staff soon attracted 100 more students.  Since then....

Expansion is limited by the current facilities which are rented.  The rented facilities need repair and the rent is increasing.  (See Plans, below)


The government of Cameroon has two national exams for students completing primary school.  One exam is required to obtain a certificate of graduation from primary school.  The second exam qualifies entry into secondary school. Every year from its start, 100% of the level 7 students have passed both exams, the only school in its district to do so.   Success School students have always been among the very top scores.


The Success School has acquired a new site and completed construction of the exterior walls for the nursery and primary schools.  Ground has been prepared and plans made for a building to contain facilities classes through high school and adult education. 


Slide show of graduation ceremonies for 2014

Slide show of proposed new buildings.

April, 2015  New building for preschool and primary school.