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Report 3 on Project Moringa in Mali
of Able and Willing

Mamadou Dia’s trip to Manabougou, Mali and Clinical Trials
October 27, 2014 to January 27, 2015

It was that time of the year again when the “Centre de Santé de Manabougou” conducts its screenings to register the undernourished children in the community.  The 2014 campaign began with one group of children in September and the second group in November.  Fifteen children were registered for the 2014-2015 Moringa Program.  Meanwhile, some of the 2014 graduates from the Moringa program were present at the November screening to show off their success in completing the program.  They each received and wore (see photos below) a T-shirt as a gift.


Five of the 41 graduated children from the program

The atmosphere was genuine and gave hope to more and more families to work on improving the health of their children. By seeing the improvements of the children that graduated, they understood that Moringa can really help improve the nutrition of everyone. DiaMFarms is still working to encourage the villagers to incorporate Moringa in their diet for daily consumption and to grow their own Moringa trees.

New seedlings to be transplanted soon                  

Matured trees with lots pods

The Moringa farm is doing great. Moringa trees and young plants are growing well and producing more leaves and pods than was needed to supply the clinic. Therefore, Mamadou (owner of DiaMFarms) tapped into the local market to sell Moringa leaf powder.  At Mamadou’s surprise, there was an existing market waiting to be supplied.  Due to the well packaged Moringa powder produced and presented by DiaMFarms, the market response was swift and the demand so intense that it could not be met. This is a very good sign because from now on, DiaMFarms may redirect part of the production to supply the market. That in turn will be a good source of income to finance the needed “fire wall” DiaMFarms has been struggling to build to protect the farm.  In 2012, brush fires destroyed many trees and plants including fruit trees and hay for animal feed.  


 One of the15  newly enrolled children.

While Mamadou was in Mali, an incident happened with the treasurer of the Manabougou community fund. The head nurse of the clinic quit her job because she had not been paid for seven months. Due to the circumstances, the Centre de Santé found itself without a head nurse which affected the follow up with the newly enrolled children in the Moringa for Health program. Now, Mr. Bagayogo the supervising health technician from the Tienfala clinic is in charge to approve a new head nurse for Manabougou.  Until then, parents have to make the trip from Manabougou to Tienfala in order to get Moringa powder for their children and it is not easy for everyone to make this trip. In any case, DiaMFarms is committed to serving the children of Manabougou in their fight against malnutrition. 

When Mamadou left, the Centre de Santé de Manabougou has had no local head nurse and two weeks ago in a phone conversation with Mr. Bagayogo, the situation remains the same no nurse has been hired yet to manage the clinic.  However, hope is permitted no matter the challenges. Mr. Bagayogo has given the local community the choice to find and appoint their own head nurse, which should reduce future frictions and frustrations.

Due to the good response in the Bamako market for Moringa products, Mamadou is now requesting the AWIEF Board to retire the fundraising effort to finance the construction of a fire wall for the Mali Moringa project. The families and the 41 graduated and the 15 enrolled children of the village of Manabougou are grateful for the project and are very thankful to Able & Willing for its invaluable support.