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Able & Willing supports the following programs for Myrt Schools (preschool through high school), WaMbuyu Tech, and the larger community.

Student Aid Programs

Since the beginning in 1995, we have made provisions for students to get financial aid to pay their tuition.  AWIEF implemented three programs that were the first of their kind in all of Congo and have been recognized by the Belgian Consul, the governor of Katanga Province, and the mayor of Lubumbashi as a model for development.


As of April, 2015 the following construction projects remain to be done:

WaMbuyu Tech Trade Shops

Myrt main campus has shops for Woodworking, Metal & Welding, Electronics, Auto.  These shops provide some of their own operating cost by making goods for the local market.  Able & Willing provides some funds for repairing & upgrading machinery, and obtaining tools and supplies. 

Computer Lab

The objectives of our plan to upgrade the computer lab at Myrt School main campus to optimize: security, total acquisition cost, configuration effort, performance, maintenance, life span, and tolerance for harsh environments.

The plan  (2015):

Clinic & Nursing School

Lack of even the most basic health facilities are a big problem in the DRC, particularly for the outlying villages around Lubumbashi. There are occasional outbreaks of cholera in Lubumbashi caused by contaminated drinking water. Malaria, HIV/AIDS and other diseases continue to be a problem. These diseases can easily be treated or even prevented with proper care.  Child birthing and maternal care needs are also critical.  The area needs more clinics and trained nurses.

Beginning in 2006, plans for a clinic and nursing school were developed with participation from the medical department at the University of Lubumbashi and the Lubumbashi Nursing School. A parcel of land adjacent to our school campus in Poleni village was obtained.   Construction was started on a 13 room medical complex (see floor plans in Appendix B) in 2009.  A well was dug, the site cleared and demarked with hedge bushes, the foundation for the entire complex was laid, and the walls of one examination room were built.

Besides making bricks and planting shrub fences, not much additional work has been done, awaiting funds.

Community Programs

Myrt Schools traditionally organize and host the following programs for the community: